Services We Provide

Full-Range Service

Our wealth of experience, craftsmanship and technical expertise in commercial, industrial and residential markets speaks for itself.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for Southern Mechanical Service’s staff of Red Seal certified plumbing tradespeople. SMS follows commercial plumbing industry standards and all technicians must adhere to a safety program that is compliant with regulations for completing commercial plumbing projects of all sizes.

 With the constant advances in HVAC technology, SMS’s Red Seal certified HVAC tradespeople and apprentices regularly attend training seminars and courses to stay informed on what’s current in the world of HVAC. Through strong relationships with equipment vendors, Southern Mechanical’s technicians are invited to the latest equipment demonstrations and education benefiting customers with the latest knowledge.

Emergencies can happen any time of the day so that is why we have on-call service dedicated to unexpected emergencies and maintenance.

Call us anytime to have one of our technicians service your property right away.

Our team of professional project managers and site supervisors carefully plan and design each project, large or small. We take pride in every aspect of the project, establishing a level of accountability for each team member.

Our team is available to assist you at every stage of your build or repair journey.

Backflow preventers are installed in pipes to prevent potable water supplies from becoming contaminated by backflow. These systems require annual testing by law and our certified backflow testers can ensure that everything is in optimal working condition.

Preventative maintenance plans are always a good idea. We send in our skilled technicians to thoroughly inspect your equipment in order to minimize emergency repairs and make sure everything is working as it should. Regular maintenance can also help to extend the expected life of equipment!